Marama Spiced Rum

A journey that starts with the link between the par excellence goddess of the sea, the mermaid, and what is known as the Circum-Pacific belt; the ring of fire located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and which is characterized by its concentration of a major part of the most important subduction zones in the world.

Marama Origins Indonesian rum is the result of the integration of the key elements of the Indonesian archipelago: sugar cane, the climate and the volcanic soil. The volcanic soils, which are very fertile due to the rapid alteration of the volcanic materials caused by water, provide great benefits to agricultural cultivation. The harvesting sugar cane and the island’s tropical climate, combined with heavy monsoon rains that penetrate into the very depths of the volcanic rock soil, create the ideal conditions for producing rum with the very best raw materials.
Indonesia, an exotic origin and terroir forged with tradition, character and identity. It brings us closer to a country with unique indigenous ingredients and special local flavors.