James Oliver American Whiskey, 86 proof

This is a blend of three distinctly individual whiskies all aged separately in different types of barrels.

  • Whiskey #1 – 65%: 7-year-old all corn whiskey (aged in used bourbon barrels)
  • Whiskey #2 – 20%: 4-year-old whiskey (aged in a mix of ex-wine barrels — cored, #3-4 char and used bourbon barrels. Mash bill – 40% rye grain, 30/30 corn and Barley)
  • Whiskey #3 – 15%: Our Straight Rye Whiskey.

Finished and blended together in Ex-Sherry Barrels for 6 months. James Oliver American Whiskey is a smooth satisfying sipper, or a unique spirit in any whiskey cocktail. At the prestigious 2015 International Whiskey Competition, the brand was named “Best American Whiskey” and earned a 1st Place Gold Medal. Congratulations James Oliver!

Available Sizes: 750 mL