Joseph Cartron Vermouth

The official birth date of the Vermouth dates back to 1786 in Turin. It was inveted there from a German aperitif, a mixture of wine and Wermut (Absinthe in German). And what if, several centuries later, this legendary product had something to express in the Burgundy spirit. It was quite naturally that the idea of the first Burgundy White Vermouth was born at Joseph Cartron in Nuits-Saint-Georges. Italy to Burgundy is just a step away, an ambitious step which required many adjustments. Very respectful of the terroir and its treasures, Joseph Cartron’s White Vermouth is produced from Burgundy Chardonnay. The recipe is 100% natural : the 16 ingredients (Absinthe, Orange, Clove, Laurel, Nutmeg, Licorice, Elderflower just to mention a few) are all carefully selected. Are added three fruits infusions. Yes, Joseph Cartron, faithful to its identity and history, enriches its formula with infusions of Apricot, Sloe and Burgundy Pêche de Vigne which create a subtle and secret sequence of notes and spicy, fresh and floral savours a convergence of excellence and know-how. And the pleasure plus the wish to share, faithful to its Burgundy soul.