Suau Orange Liqueur

Suau is a Spanish producer on the island of Mallorca producing premium brandy, traditionally aged in the microclimate of their underground cellar, using the traditional solera system and under the same conditions the company once did 160 years ago. The orange liqueur is the result of the combination of Suau 8 year old brandy with a careful maceration of different parts of various types of oranges, each producing its own identity. For sweet oranges from Valencia, they macerate the mature peel, the white peel, and parts of fruit juices, and for the sour taste of Curaçao oranges known as Lahara oranges, only the dehydrated green peel is macerated which provide lots of bitter citrus essential oils to the product. The result is a Grand Marnier-esque product using the native oranges to produce a fresh, wonderful taste without cloying aromas.

Available Sizes: 750 mL